I’ve heard it over and over about how the new phones/devices are not really game changers. The touchscreen isn’t a miracle anymore, longer battery life only offers marginal utility, wireless charging is still restrictive, quality camera reaches a threshold where a few megapixels wouldn’t make us say wow, Touch ID is ubiquitous, Face ID has been around for a long time.

This year, I heard the same complaint during the release of Samsung S8, Apple’s iPhone 8 & iPhone X and recently Google’s Pixel 2.

In response, I always ask these 2 questions

  • What new features would you like to see?
  • Is the technology available, matured, and affordable?

I rarely get any concrete response.

I believe when we ask these questions we’d feel less disappointed and appreciate what innovation is really about i.e incremental change.

Also, bear in mind that phones should be affordable and investors in these companies want their money back.

I understand that there’s almost no limit to our imaginations but except we only want to use the phones/devices in our fantasies, we would have to appreciate how fast reality has caught up with our imaginations.

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