Random thoughts about what happened or what I came across this month.

Buffer’s Transparency

I wish more companies could as transparent as Buffer- a social media management company, buffer constantly questions the norm and seeks to do what they feel best aligns with their values, few out of many things they do include: publishing their salary scale, quarterly publishing their performance to everyone(It’s a private company so it doesn’t have to do this), discussions of company decisions such as the $3.3m buyback of investors and the departure of the Co-founder and CTO 

Transparency 💯

What I want

I can’t wait to read Jason Fried and DHH’s book “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work” which should be out next month, I’d like to get a copy of the book and Tottenham’s 3rd Jersey- It’s too beautiful. In case you want to gift me one of these or both, feel free.


Instagram founders exit

The exit of Instagram founders from the company brought about commentaries and backlashes from many, I found Ben Thompson’s commentary more realistic. I think it’s high time I become a subscriber to his blog, it’s worth paying for.

Zlatan Scored this amazing Goal

Future of Financial Reporting

I spent some time pondering about what changes need to be made to accommodate the new business models and how to properly report company’s performance. I still having many questions that haven’t been answered.

Funny Stuff

Startup School

Ahan, Inspiring

I’m still in YC’s Startup School, it’s been a great time, the lectures have been quite enlightening and the weekly meetings have been quite helpful. Talking to other founders and learning about what they’re building has been inspiring.

My best talk yet

So far, I’ve created a landing page, tweaked it a bit it to reduce the loading time, it still takes too long to open😩

I tried to create a UI Mockup but naah life had other plans for me, my laptop charger spoilt back to back.

No helper yet so I’d replace the charger 😪 Life goes on.

I’m still looking for a partner(s)/ co-founder(s) to help with the technical side and other sides of the project.

If you’re interested in joining me, please reach out to me “@danieltadeyemi” on any social media platform(preferably Twitter) or shoot a mail to hello@suno.com.ng. Current needs are around Design, Web/Mobile Platform Development but nevertheless still say Hi if you’re interested in knowing more.

Please visit suno.com.ng to sign up to receive an update on when suno launches.

On Writing Better

Benjamin Dada, MSc. shared Mailchimp’s content style guide, reading this was helpful. If you want to write better you should check it out.


My faith in Nigerian movies has been restored, after seeing the movie “Kasala” I’m more encourage to see more Nigerian Movies. Clearly the Best movie I saw this month and I started watching the seasonal movie: Fresh off the boat this month. It was recommended by Douglas Kendyson 😏 — good stuff.


I read 2 books ( a couple of other uncompleted ones) but I’d talk about this because it had the most impact on me.

Many good points were raised, I’d try to share a few

You will not have a meaningful life without work, but you cannot say your work is the meaning of your life.

You may think you have been given little because you are always striving for more, but you have been given much, and God has called you to put it into play.

The integration of faith and work is the opposite of dualism. We should be willing to be very engaged with the cultural and vocational worlds of non-Christians. Our thick view of sin will remind us that even explicitly Christian work and culture will always have some idolatrous discourse within it. Our thick view of common grace will remind us that even explicitly non-Christian work and culture will always have some witness to God’s truth in it. Because Christians are never as good as their right beliefs should make them and non-Christians are never as bad as their wrong beliefs should make them, we will adopt a stance of critical enjoyment of human culture and its expressions in every field of work


Could apply to almost any profession

Bye September, Hello October 😊


Featured Image by Manasvita S on Unsplash

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