I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about this but I think it’s of greater importance to anyone this may benefit to share my experience.  I was on Twitter and I saw this tweet.

I found the tweet interesting and was certain they’d be more explanation in the tweet thread, I was right…as I came to discern the motive behind the tweets I was disappointed by the responses,  all I saw were threats and insults, nobody answered the question. This seemed like a genuine question but nobody seemed to have an answer, I kind of identified the issue. In Nigeria, We’ve raised in a society where we’ve known that some things are wrong or right based on the word of God but we’ve rarely questioned why it’s wrong or right, wait…I think we have when we were younger but we got a similar reply as this guy got from those older than us. We question science, mathematics, food, movie, education, governance… but rarely question religion. I’m a Christian, I’ve been taught the bible from birth and many things just seem normal to me so I can relate.  I sensed the issue is deeper than just the question on fornication hence the swift yet in-depth explanation. I wished we’d spoken more but then communicating in a virtual space does have its limitations.

Two major takeaways from this experience are:

  • Walking in love is supremely important, the insults and threats from people weren’t the love-way at all cause I was thinking of who Jesus threatened or insulted for asking him if he was the son of God. I’m asking like Ravi Zacharias in his book Has Christianity Failed You? asks, Isn’t the church an extension of the family? Can we not find ways to love that will keep within reach the one who is faltering? Are there not ways to minister to someone who needs healing, rather than having a spirit like Jonah’s, which declares in effect, “You are beyond God’s reach. He is going to destroy you, and I, for one, am glad of it!”?
  • We’d all have to learn to defend our faith with reason and logic backed by the word of God because people would challenge the very things we’ve believed since we were young and have never questioned or properly understood.

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