I’m a very optimistic person and that means in as much as I try to be realistic I tend to still tend to the positive side. I just finished writing some papers in  June session of ACCA exams and in preparation for every paper, in as much I worked with the mindset that I’d like to get a very high mark, when I got the exam hall and the reality of questions dawned on me, I had to encourage myself that what I knew most likely was enough to help me pass, which was the most important thing ( 50/100 is the pass mark) and when I went using that approach it eased the pressure and I was even able to answer some questions that looked out of my league before.

To be honest sometimes aiming too high brings some kinda pressure which is only fair.

In as much as it’s good to have high aims, most times knowing that what you know and or have done would at least carry you through could ease the pressure and even make you achieve your high goals. I believe this could apply in other areas of life too.


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