I’m not going to go down the usual road, Nokia was supposed to be connecting the world but it relaxed at doing that and got displaced. We all know the moral lesson of the story about how disruptive innovation or creative destruction or whatever catchy name we call it happens and how few entities get to remain at the top. It’s important to stay innovative and not lose focus on how & why you’re doing what you’re doing but…

Compiled by Mark J. Perry

“Imagine you are the 500th biggest company, Facebook comes along and knocks you out of the list. You are now 501 nothing bad happened to you. It’s just that something good happened in a completely different space, Facebook has no effect on your tractor business, it just got bigger than you are. “

Morganovich — A comment on an article ( you’d have to scroll down down down to find it )

While we mostly look at these lists in awe and talk about the whole innovate or die mantra, it might also be worth looking at them and saying maybe nothing bad happened to the other companies being knocked off the list.

It’s important to stay innovative and also not lose focus on why & how you’re doing what you’re doing.

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