It started with a “You should come do an interview at the studio sometime,” I replied saying, “Sure, I’d love to”. Then I thought about it again and I asked myself are you sure? because I didn’t really think it through.

Okay, this is how it really started. It started with a TV station looking for someone to call in to talk about Ponzi schemes. I’m not even sure why you would think of me to talk about Ponzi schemes. 🙄😂

Ponzi Scheme! Why did I come to mind? Well, I couldn’t deliver on that because the notice was too short, but I did another call in. It went smoothly and after that, the option to come for an interview came.

I spoke about financial Investment — a vehicle to help you afford the type of life you want to live and made a good attempt at answering a couple of questions that were thrown at me.

What do I think about my first TV Interview?

It was fun, I easily blended in. Thanks to the amazing hosts and the producer at Hi-Impact Tv

I did well, considering the fact a significant part of my answers were impromptu. The next one (whenever it would be) would be better.

Not being able to call brand names — TV station rules — felt constraining because I felt the interview would have been more helpful with them.

Just like trying out any new thing, I’m often excited about trying it out but anxious about how it’d go. I’m glad excitement won anxiety this time.


Thoughts after the Interview

Recently I’ve been thinking about how I can’t really direct people to one place to get financial investment advice ( If you know anywhere, please tell me).

In talking to a few friends over the past few months I’ve realised that many people are still looking for better ways to put their money to work for them.

“86 per cent of millennials save each month but they keep more than 50 per cent of their assets in cash because there is no suitable way for them to get financial advice.” Source

 I’m aware that high net worth persons can afford to have dedicated financial advisors but what about middle income & low-income class people?

Here’s the thing, in the past 3 months I’ve had a few persons come to ask me for recommendations on where to put their money into as per investment. And for me, I don’t even think I have a holistic view of the investment world to make recommendations that aren’t just cliché stuff.

But I know if I take out time to really understand the space I can give a sorta comprehensive overview.

The default place to get financial advice is most likely a bank but people don’t gravitate to their banks or maybe it’s the young people I know that don’t. There might be many books on financial education and financial investments but then how easy is it for people to understand what’s in it and then how many people would opt to read a book?

People might say, “oh, it’s up to them, people should take responsibility and seek out knowledge,” but what if it’s the way knowledge is presented — what if we decide to bring information to the people. What if we decide to bring the information to people instead of trying to bring people to the information because there is a lot of information available but the existing formats/methods don’t seem to appeal to the young audience.

This looks like an interesting space to tinker. Anyone with an interesting idea or working on something related to this — providing financial advice to people, I’m ready to collaborate.

2 thoughts on “Making financial Investments…

  1. I think some people are in this space of financial advisers, although I also believe more needs to be done. @tomiebalogun and @FinancewithTope are doing well, to mention a few. You can check them up.
    I’ll appreciate if you point me to more people you get to find tho.

    Congrats on your First TV interview,btw. Well-done!

    1. Oh, thank you Marvy for the recommendations!

      I didn’t know you had a site, I’m def going to check it outtttttt!

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