Most people say the best place to sit when seeing a movie at the cinema is at the back but in recent times it’s been horrible sitting at back because the noisemakers also sit there. Those who want me to hear their ring tones — why can’t you keep your phone on silent or vibration mode? 🙄

Those who feel they’d have done a better job than the movie director and therefore must comment and correct flaws in the movies, and finally those who won’t feel complete if they don’t give life reactions to particular scenes 😒

All these make me want to turn a couple times to tell them to shut up!!! While resisting the temptation to add a few cuss words that would show how pissed I am at the constant side distractions, Argh! Maybe Moviegoers should also have ratings based on their behaviour at the cinemas. 😈

Enough of the rant, the last movie I saw at the cinema was Loving Daniella.Why did I choose to see this move? Well, My name is Daniel and of course, seeing the female version of my name made me say “Hey, I’d love to see this” Okay, I’m just kidding, I read the synopsis I thought to give it a try.

It’s a Nigerian movie that addresses the issue of mental health. I’ve recently started paying more attention to Nigerian movies and movies with not so cliché storylines — the issue of mental health is one that deserves more attention in society.

Filmed in Lagos, Las Vegas and Antigua, Ike Nnaebue’s “Loving Daniella” is a tale of a couple’s struggle with a mental illness.

At the end of the movie I had two questions on my mind, the first being “could I marry someone with a mental health issue?” and more importantly “how certain am that I’d be able to stay put and not opt out, how certain was I that I would not just give up?”

I stayed in my seat thinking until everyone left the cinema. The movie wasn’t that amazing, to be honest, but it made me think about something I hadn’t thought about before.

For the first question, I could simply answer maybe-yes because I’m really open minded — I remember watching an episode of the popular MTV Base show called Shuga that challenged my view on people living with HIV/AIDs and the possibility of getting married to someone who did.

It was the second question I really struggled with, I know I’m quite patient and understanding but then it has its limits. Later that evening as I waited for my turn at the barber’s shop, I was scrolling through my fave book — A Love Worth Giving by Max Lucado when I saw these words.

You give love because you’ve received it.

We love because He first loved us

1 John 4:19 NASB

I finally got it, I could try but I was certain I would fail but if I relied on God’s love being expressed through me I was certain I wouldn’t fail. I’ve always known this scripture but somehow it became more real to me.

I also thought about how it must be for people with mental health issues or other issues— who might not feel capable of being loved. If I were in their shoes, how could I trust someone who says he/she loves me and would stick with me forever?

For those who feel they are incapable of being loved, if you can accept the love of God — which is overwhelming, never-ending & reckless — then you’re capable of being loved by someone who is relying on God’s love being expressed through him/her.

There’s no greater assurance I could have than this.

I’m glad I saw the movie but next time I’d be sitting in front — away from the noisemakers 😊

I really love this song — As You Find Me by Hillsong, you should listen to it.


Featured Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

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