I had just finished reading one of the best books I’ve come across on Negotiation titled Never Split the difference. As I read the last words of the book I said to myself, “ I wish I had known this 9 months ago, I’d have done better”

Surprisingly I stopped and questioned myself, asking if there would ever be a time when I won’t stop wishing I knew something earlier or an incident had happened sooner? More so could it be that instead of wishing I had known, I could be grateful that the previous experience made me appreciate this knowledge I had just gained?

It’s normal to wish to have known better because of the way life is but we’d always keep wishing we knew better as we learn. Wishing to have known better spurs a bit of unnecessary regret and it’s an endless loop. Wishing to have known better could spur inaction because I’m wondering, what if there’s something more I could know or do.

From now on, I think I’d rather flip things and look at previous occurrences as incidents that help me appreciate the things I’ve just learnt better.


Photo: Photo by DDP on Unsplash

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