It started with a tweet, I had just sent an e-book to someone and I got the usual anticipated it’s not opening feedback so I had to give the usual it’s a different format speech, urging the person to get an app that can open the document if it wasn’t an Apple device. It just so happened that I had had to give that similar explanation many times in recent times, explaining that it was worth trying out a different format, the world doesn’t revolve around one format. Maybe some listened, maybe they didn’t but I hope they did. I had been like that, all loyal to PDF till I met Epub and now I rarely use PDF if I have an Epub format option.  So I took to twitter to express my exact thought.

I really thought I was alone but then I got a couple of unexpected responses.

Some people are indifferent about change, some resist change, some embrace change. All may be right, it all depends on the situation.
I hope you make the right decision about change.

And yeah just in case you don’t know what epub is…

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